Episode 17 - Cullen & Evan Powers

Cullen and Evan Powers of Powers Media House, the tallest media company in the world, join the show to talk about Cullen quitting a successful family business and joining forces with brother Evan to form their own media company. We also talk adventures, photography and a dust up in Tucson.

Memorable Quotes

"Count your blessings not your failures"

"It's your outlook on life, not embracing the bad stuff and just enjoying the good stuff"

What They're Sayin..

"Never giving up on pursuing what they think is right even though they are 100% wrong.    - Chris Carruthers

"I think they each have unique abilities and perspectives, not just due to their towering heights, that give them an edge in the industry, but overall I would say that their everlasting passion and interest to grow and learn about their hobby best allow them to be successful at what they do." - Alissa HeBrink

This episode of the podcast is brought to you by P7DesignBozz Prints, and Powers Media House.

Episode Breakdown:

5:15 - Music Video Production
10:50 - From Photography to Videography
14:45 - Making the Jump to Full Time Photographer
27:50 - Marketing
29:30 - The Photography Community
30:45 - Family Photos / Travel
35:45 - DSLR vs Camera Phone
39:30 - Education or a Lack Thereof
42:43 - Evan's Art Background
45:30 - Air B & B Stories
57:12 - The Future of Powers Media House
1:01:40 - Prints
1:10:20 - Overland Iowa
1:15:44 - People Talk
1:23:10 - Quick Hitters

Scott Krava