Episode 18 - Karen Meat

Arin Eaton and Dana T of pop rock project Karen Meat join the show to provide an inside look at pursuing a career in music, life on the road and a run-in with Eddie Money.

Memorable Quotes

"Inevitably, if you do what you wanna do and you work on it, you're going to get better. how good you get doesn’t really matter as long as you enjoy it"

"You'll never know what you're capable of if you don't try it"

What They're Sayin..

"If people aren't fans of her yet, that means they haven't yet heard her stuff. Once you do and participate in a live show, you're hooked." - Luke Tweedy

"Your magic is showing, can't wait to see even more of it" - Ramona Muse Lambert

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Episode Breakdown:

5:13 - The Formation of Karen Meat
9:05 - Realizing the Passion
11:40 - First Time Performing
14:00 - Arin and Dana's Trip to KC
19:04 - Dana T Finds Music
25:00 - Multitasking on Stage
30:00 - Eddie Money
34:00 - National Tours
38:10 - Albuquerque Adventure
47:50 - Biggest Inspirations
52:00 - Karen Meat's Genre
54:00 - Exploring Creativity
57:00 - Pressing Vinyl
1:00:00 - Smorgasbord
1:07:40 - Breaking Down Music
1:12:00 - Playing at The Englert
1:15:00 - Record Sales
1:21:00 - People Talk
1:26:10 - Studio Stories
1:30:00 - How the Landscape has Changed
1:36:37 - Quick Hitters
1:40:00 - Advice

Scott Krava