Episode 20 - Made in DSM

Derek Jensen and Andrew Peterson of Made in DSM have dedicated the last 2 years to highlighting the talented people of Des Moines. It's about time we shine the light on them and find out more about how Made in DSM was formed and where it's headed.

Memorable Quotes

"We want to be involved with your lives because were generally interested in it"

"You put in the work and people notice and good things happen"

"It's not what you do, it's how you do it"

What They're Sayin..

They genuinely love learning about people in Des Moines and sharing those people's stories with the rest of our community. You can't fake that. - Ashley Leon

Please keep that curiosity thriving, you are genuinely kind souls - Cassie Tangney

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Episode Breakdown:

4:28 - What is Made in DSM
8:45 - How Made in DSM was formed
23:43 - Individual Roles
32:09 - What We've Learned
48:12 - Challenges
59:57 - Gary V
1:17:00 - Granting Des Moines One Wish
1:21:00 - People Talk
1:25:00- Quick Hitters

Scott Krava