Episode 21 - Bridget Schneider

From joining a gym as a way to meet new people (we'll, sort of) to professional dead-lifting champion to opening her own gym, Bridget Schneider is a bad ass and her mission is to help empower people, not only in the fitness world, but in life.

Memorable Quotes

"Roadblocks are never really road blocks. You're still on the same path but the course you're taking might be different"

"Everybody thinks they have their ducks in a row but one of us is always going to have a duck flying into the plane engine."

"I want people to feel empowered"

What They're Sayin..

Bridget can also connect with almost anyone and that connection isn't forced. Its authentic, meaningful and intentional.. - Emily Williams-Bouska

Through your work ethic and attitude to bring out the best in people, you have empowered many individuals to get through some of the toughest situations faced. Without you, some of these people may not be where they are today. - Dan Schneider

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Episode Breakdown:

5:20 - The Meaning Behind the Name
6:41 - How Muscle for the Journey was formed
16:00 - Powerlifting Talk
20:35 - Bridget's Mission
21:40 - The Planning Phase
37:15 - Keeping the Motivation
42:00 - First Day Launching a Business
45:00 - Finding Workout Motivation
46:30 - Bridget's Powerlifting Success
51:25 - Finding Motivation
56:40 - Lifehacks
1:00:00 - The Legacy
1:02:00 - People Talk
1:07:00 - Quick Hitters

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