Episode 16 - John Bosley

From designing toys for The Walking Dead to head designer at RAYGUN to launching his own company specializing in illustrating well-known cities, landmarks and geographic icons, John Bosley is a machine! In this episode, John talks about following his passion for art, illustration and design and making that passion his career.

Memorable Quotes

"I wanted to stop building someone else's castle and build my own."

"If there's something you're intersted in doing, just do it, you've got nothing to lose"

"If you love doing it at the end of the day, that's all that matters"

What They're Sayin..

"John’s a hustler. He never seems to slow down. He ‘chases the work’ as I like to say - doing the work that gets you to the dream. He’s been solo for about two years and has designed almost his full body of work in that time - amazing." - Chrissy Jensen

"John Bosley is the mayor of Des Moines. He has a really unique formula of talent, personality, and hustle. I've never seen anybody launch their own creative business and make it so successful in such a short amount of time. John has just GOT IT." - Dani Ausen

This episode of the podcast is brought to you by P7DesignBozz Prints, and Powers Media House.

Episode Breakdown:

3:45 - What's John Doing Now?
5:08 - Early Bozz Days
9:00 - The Formation of Bozz Prints
14:20 - Making The Jump
19:45 - Finding Design Inspiration
24:05 - Design Process
31:45 - The Iowa License Plate Campaign
36:15 - Navigating the Wholesale Scene
40:13 - The Iowa Cubs Yearbook Project
44:08 - The Bozz Workflow
47:50 - Designing The Walking Dead Toys
50:38 - What's Next for Bozz Prints
53:00 - Outgrowing the Basement / Mainframe
59:35 - Inspirations / Life Hacks / Challenges
1:06:20 - The Bozz Legacy & Expansion
1:10:11 - Sneaker Game - Jordan's
1:19:27 - People Talk
1:25:30 - Quick Hitters

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