Episode 25 - Brittney Ledford

On this week's episode, the DRMN BG crew samples amazing monster cookies and pie made by Brittney Ledford of One Sweet Kitchen. Brittney breaks down her journey of turning her passion into her living.

What They're Sayin..

Brittney has always put others first which has aided her to become successful in business. I have never seen someone bend over backwards so far just to make a client or friend happy! - Biz Buckton

Brittney lives by the mindset "second place sucks". If she is not going to be the best at doing something, then she is just not going to do it. - Kevin Wichtendahl

She’s like Steve Jobs except less of an asshole, wears less black, and is currently alive. So not really like Steve Jobs at all I’m just bad with comparisons. - Mac Haskins

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Scott Krava