Episode 30 - Eric Hutchison

The boys are on their best behavior this week as podcast sponsor Eric Hutchison of Loyal Sons Barber Shop pays a visit to the DRMN BG Studios. On this week’s episode we talk about Eric’s passions leading to opening his own shop, flat tops in the NBA and more.

What They're Sayin..

Eric’s personality & openness to all people plays a huge role in his success. He enjoys talking with all people & has such a big array of topics he’s interested in — i think this is what makes his customers at the barber shop so loyal & create referrals. He also makes a real effort to remember everyone & he is super welcoming. And he’s funny. - Katherine Hutchison

Eric could open any type of business and be successful at it. His mindset is about quality customer service, which plays a huge part in the early success of Loyal Sons. The name of the shop has several meanings, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a more genuine and loyal friend out there. - Jay Wendt

This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Loyal Sons Barber ShopBozz Prints, and Powers Media House.

Scott Krava